Words from the REAL Lives of Sugar Babies

hot Sugar BabiesIf you're still wondering, the word "REAL" is all caps in the title because that's how this article is going to reveal sugar babies' lives; it's going to show both the sides, beautiful and ugly. If you're reading this article, then it's probably because you want to get into this. Wise move, lady. Knowing the game before beginning always leaves you a step ahead of every player involved. Let's hear out the bad news first, to keep the sweet words for a happy ending.

The Bad

Sugar dating culture has become so common that there are around 10 - 50 million users, on every popular sugar dating website. Such hype always makes room for the expert analysts to pay their critical contribution for those willing to learn, just like ourselves. So there are a few who took the time to produce blogs, pictures and even documentaries on this topic that are a Google search away (do have a thorough look at those pieces as well). Most of them are from experienced sugar babies who have mutually warned the beginners about the two common dangers:

  • Phony Sugar Daddy: These are men who think they deserve to be on the cover of the Playboy magazine, when in reality, they're just posing for sex, because they're too cheap to afford it in a relationship. They're proper hobbyists; I confirm because I've seen online groups/forums especially for these men. They disappear after pulling off their ugly tricks. Make sure you know the guy enough before pushing it to the next level.
  • The One Time Charmers: Some sugar daddies have been reported to convince sugar babies into getting what they want, on the first "date". How terrible can we be sometimes, right? So don't fall prey to this, we all know what we want, it's either one date and goodbye, or a set number of dates before opening up.

These are the dangers worth being cautious about – always keep the armor on against these.

The Good

The good ones are no brainers. They're too obvious to anybody who's aware of what sugar dating really is. If you allow me to say it without the sugarcoating, it's the line between "a lovey dovey relationship" and "sex work". There! I said it. But it's neither white nor black; it is that thick grey line in the middle. But for the sake of stating the obvious, following are the perks that most successful sugar babiesenjoy:

  • Allowances: $30k – $60k a year.
  • Expensive jewelry; "Just a casual present babe" – Mr. Sugar Daddy.
  • A wardrobe closet upgrade. (he likes the dresses you like)
  • Traveling experience.
  • Career breaks.
  • College fees.

Just don't forget these things if you want to keep the game all under your control and begin with multiple websites, so that even if you get a few bad candidates you'll have options. Here's a website that updates a list of popular sugar dating sites: SugarBabyWebsites.net

Best of luck princess!