What Type of Sugar Baby Attracts Sugar Daddies

Looking for a Sugar DaddySugar baby girls looking for a sugar daddy are as varied as the Daddies that are looking for them. One man's ideal companion will be unsuitable for what the other is seeking. Some are bubbly, full of life and fun, seeking to bring energy and passion into the time shared. Others are more reserved, refined and classically elegant. Some are even somewhere in between. Some girls looking for a sugar daddy prefer to just provide company, where there are those willing to go further with the right incentives, if all involved consent.


The best quality of any sugar baby is how sociable she is. Whether this is restricted to a few close friends or to many, having someone that can engage in conversation – from light-hearted chats over dinner and a drink, to serious discussions snuggled up under the stars – is ideal. You don't want to share time with someone in silence, after all!


Personal grooming is important. A Sugar Daddy likes to have someone that he can present and show off proudly at events and when in public in general. So someone with a high standard of self-care and presentation is ideal. No one sugar baby's look will be what another is seeking, of course, but overall, a high standard of personal care will draw the eye better than none at all!


This may seem to be a little odd in an article about what sort of woman will attract a sugar daddy. But being responsible is important! You want someone who is going to meet or call when they say they will, and will stick to their arrangements and promises.


Nobody wants someone who can't hold a conversation without bringing it round to doom and despair, and throwing your efforts at a proverbial brick wall is going to be the fastest way to fester disappointment. Being cheerful and bright is the best way to attract and keep Daddy's attention!

Mutual Benefit

It needs to be said. If either part involved – be it the Sugar Daddy or the Baby - isn't happy with what they are getting, then it won't work out. So do the necessary homework and make sure that everyone involved is on the same page! Sex or no sex, girlfriend or dates only, public or private. No detail is too small to thoroughly discuss. The sooner the serious discussion of establishing mutual needs is done, the sooner the fun can begin!

In short, all sugar babies are different! But there are certain qualities that will make them more appealing to Sugar Daddies, including open communication to ensure that everyone benefits, being cheerful, being responsible, presenting well in looks and attire and most importantly, being sociable! Girls looking for a sugar daddy are out there; be safe, and have fun!