What Exactly is a Sugar Daddy Sugar Baby Relationship

Sugar Daddy Sugar BabySugar daddy and sugar baby relationships have been around for more years than anyone can remember.

Older men have always had an attraction for younger women, and vice versa; it's just that, over the last 10-15 years, such sugar baby sugar daddy relationships have become more visible owing to a variety of factors, such as changes in social attitudes and views.

But what, exactly, is a sugar daddy sugar baby relationship?

Well, let's first look at some of the typical characteristics of the two parties most likely to be involved in such a relationship:

First we have an older man, probably wealthy from his business or other activities; well established in his career and who likes the finer things in life - maybe luxury homes or cars or watches: in other words, the sugar daddy. One of the things a sugar daddy will enjoy more than most though is that he will especially like to have a younger, attractive woman by his side as his companion or partner or lover. Someone to help him reflect on his younger years and make him feel like he is regaining his youth and vitality.

If the sugar daddy has the money and ability to have a relationship with a sugar baby, why not? He can find many options on one of a variety of sugar baby sites... On the other side of the relationship we have a young, attractive female who also enjoys some of the finer things in life; she, possibly, comes from a good family background and is, essentially, looking for a more mature man to take care of her and her needs: enter the sugar baby. Sugar babies often have set requirement when looking for their sugar daddy and there must be some chemistry and mutual attraction between the parties.

Often a sugar baby will find her sugar daddy through one of the better known sugar daddy dating sites, where the parties may form an instant rapport; or, alternatively, the sugar daddy and sugar baby may find that they have mutual interests in art, fashion, sport or even business activities.

In any event, once that personal connection is made, through a sugar daddy website or not, many sugar daddy sugar baby relationships are known to prosper in the longer term. Naturally, not all such relationships are the same, but one thing is for sure, and that is that sugar baby sugar daddy relationships are here to stay!