12 Most Popular Sugar Babies of 2017

SeekingArrangement.com has released the most popular sugar babies in 2017. So let's check it out and see exactly what kind of ladies are the best sugar babies.

Sugar baby of January: Samantha

Votes: 1002

Age: 24

Samantha is a 24-year-old single mom from Arizona. She claims that people always misunderstand sugar babies - many people think sugar babies are prostitutes. Samantha says, "Without knowing someone well and building trust, I wouldn't sleep with anyone that I meet online."


Sugar baby of February: Candice

Votes: 80756

Age: 26

Candice became a sugar baby mainly because she had to pay her tuition fees at the law school, so being a sugar baby brings her a good income. Candice says she only sees men under 40, because she is very visual - she wants a gentleman who has good looks and the chemistry has to be right as well.


Sugar baby of March: Nyasha

Votes: 266

Age: 26

Nyasha comes from Baltimore. She is a model and was working for a fashion show in September this year. She says, "Someone invests in me and gives me a better life - that's the arrangement that I want. I don't look for a long-term serious relationship."


Sugar baby of April: Jeannie

Votes: 433

Age: 23

Jeannie comes from Louisiana. The reason she is a sugar baby is quite complicated: SeekingArrangement.com has helped her a lot, including the fees when she had a heart surgery in 2016 and the natural disaster her family encountered. Jeannie says, "My relationships with those men that I met online were not simply transactions. We actually had feelings for each other."


Sugar baby of May: Jasmine

Votes: 500

Age: 24

Jasmine is doing her Master's Degree at the moment. She has a passion for life - she loves sports, fashion and art. She likes dating successful and confident men, because these men are usually very generous and can share their decent lifestyle and attitude with her.


Sugar baby of June: Giselle

Votes: 46117

Age: 24

Unlike other sugar babies, Giselle used to be a porn star. She says, "My experience as a porn star helps me know many different and unexpected ways to have fun. Of course, apart from having fun in the bedroom, I also hope my sugar daddy is a conversationalist."


Sugar baby of July: Aziza

Votes: 267

Age: 26

Aziza is a friendly and humorous French lady who studies in Los Angeles now. Being an international student means paying high tuition fees, so Aziza decided to become a sugar baby. She says, "I am very patient. If you are someone who can offer the right help, I'm happy to open my heart and become your close friend."


Sugar baby of August: Asia

Votes: 180

Age: 25

Asia comes from Asia. She lives in the United States now and understands three different languages. She studied piano for ten years, so she has a good understanding of music. Asia says, "I am an excellent date. I receive positive feedback from every sugar daddy. I'm looking for someone who is financially stable and can give me guidance in life. He is not only my life partner, but also my mentor."


Sugar baby of September: Jeanemarie

Votes: 260

Age: 25

Jeanemarie is very exotic: her parents are from Brazil and Lebanon. She likes to be the dominant role in a relationship. She says, "I am very down-to-earth. I don't like wasting time. Every time when I meet a sugar daddy online, I ask him to use web camera first. I need to confirm he looks right, so that no time is wasted."


Sugar baby of October: Brianna

Votes: 393

Age: 23

Brianna is a girl who loves sports, music and reading. She is very independent and values her freedom. She says, "Being a sugar baby is not about making money and having sex. I just want to have a good partner. I am looking for someone who can alleviate my stress in life and we can help each other relax."


Sugar baby of November: Sheila

Votes: 640

Age: 29

Sheila had a tough life, so she knows what she wants very clearly. She knows how to make men happy, but she is not only looking for money. Like many girls, she hope her partner can help her financially and give her guidance in her career and in life. She says, "I never date married men."


Sugar baby of December: Emily

Votes: 379

Age: 18

Emily is a cute blonde. She likes to have meaningful and passionate conversations. She believes that meeting new friends can help her grow. The reason she is on SeekingArrangement.com is because she wants to find a smart, kind, passionate and generous guy and build a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.


Candice, sugar baby of February, is the winner of Sugar Baby of the Year - she got 80756 votes, which is more than all other sugar babies' votes combined.

Honestly, who doesn't want to date such a hot, classy and well-educated woman?